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My Sweet Persians

This is Smooshy, my blue and white male. He is just a lover. He loves to be right by my side. 
This is Friska, my sweetie! She has her Christmas dress on for the holidays.
Friska again :)
Cocoa my chocolate tortie female
Cinderella (Cindy) my shaded silver girl. 
Stoney, my cream and white pretty boy, I will have to take some better pictures of him.
Andy is my pretty blue eyed Himalayan. 
Tabitha-below is my seal point lady, she loves attention and being close by. 
Silver is my shaded silver male, he throws beautiful silver shaded babies. 

*Fancy is my newest baby, she is gorgeous, thats all I can say about her.

Dogwood- Seal Point Himalayan (above)  Casper- Flame point son of Doggie (below)
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